IN FOCUS - Smart Working

So here you are - working from home.  At first it sounds great! 

No more traffic to fight, no more crowded buses or trains, no more nagging bosses to face and no more bothersome co- workers asking about your week-end.

Sounds good so far - right? Sure it does. 

You can wear pajama bottoms with your favorite shirt, blouse or neck tie.  Who's going to know anyways?

Your kitchen is near, last night's pizza slice is available and the cookie jar is open.  With the feeling you beat the system - you feel energized thinking yeah this is great - working from home!

After dancing in the living room to your favorite tunes, the reality of having to settle down to get the job done sinks in. Where in heavens name will I set up my works space, my creative universe, or my think station.

Quickly you begin to realize your home does not offer up too many possibilities for a home office.

Lets see, shall I set up shop in the attic, basement, garage, laundry room or some corner in my bedroom. Lets face it, the place we call home was set up for just that - home life. 

You make the best of it and chose a corner of the house to be your career zone.

You pushed in a table, a chair, a lamp, a power bar and book shelf and your are now ready to rock n roll. Yes, you feel ready to flip open your lap, make that important call and file that report.

However, something is wrong.

Your neighbor decides to mow the lawn and it is 9 am on a Monday morning  - your ZOOM call is about to begin. Your client is waiting to hear your most important sales pitch. The loving dog that usually greets you at the gate wagging its tail is now barking non-stop at a passing cat.  The garbage truck is grinding down your street squealing its brakes every time it stops to pick up the trash.

The noise monsters are everywhere.

You start thinking how can I get anything done with all this noise? How can I make that professional call with the sounds of everyday home life pounding around me?  You never noticed these sounds on the week-end or the evening because you were in relax mode. 

The sound that irritates you the most when you least need it  - is your Noise Monster!

Noise monsters come in many shapes and forms; however, they are all personal monsters. How can I cope with the new reality of the home office and smart working while all those noise monsters are distracting me from the job at hand?

Well, there is a solution! 

Lets us block all those noise monsters from entering your space with our NoiseMonster acoustic wall panels.  Your front line defense to protect you at work or play. However, let us do it in style. Select the design, fabric, and color that will enhance your existing interior decor.